Monday, July 5, 2010

Kids are Safer on the Subway

Interesting perspective, a recent study from the New York City Department of Health concluded that kids are safer on the subway. Excerpt from

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of fatal injuries for children one to twelve years old in the United States.
In New York City, where kids rely much more on public transit, they die in traffic accidents at less than one-third the national rate according to a new report from the New York City Department of Health. Injury deaths for children in NYC are about half the national average….

Riding the subway helps take kids out of cars and off the streets. Children between the ages of one to twelve would likely travel with adults on the subway, potentially helping kids stay safe as well. However, the article does point out the disparities between the fatality rate of affluent children versus minority or impoverished children. Even with many city-wide programs, the problem persists and remains an area for improvement.