Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Wheels on the QM22 Still go Round and Round

Last Sunday the MTA shut down 2 subway lines and multiple bus routes, which I find surprising as MTA and NYC are typically heralded as the King and Queen of transit. Riders in Brooklyn held a mock funeral for the V and W subway lines. But one young man in Queens was able to save their community bus. Ali Fadil, a 16 year old from Little Neck, Queens wrote to his local and state office with no success and turned to private bus company owner Joel Azumah. TransportAzumah took over four of the city lines including Fadil’s QM22 route. Taken from the article, Mary Apelian said "Stopping a bus like this would have been like breaking up family," she takes the QM22 to her job at a public relations firm in Times Square. "Ali, this young man, did this for us. He kept us all together."